The Two Door Cupboard

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Salvaged pride.

I just need 1 thing to inspire me.  Couple that with giving me the challenge of making it either the cheapest (money wise) possible or entirely with reclaimed wood and I’m off.

Sometimes I need to regroup and I need to go back in my bubble so I challenge myself with something new.  It renews my self confidence.  This time the challenge was  was building something that would have nothing “new” on it-all salvaged.  It also gets the creative juices flowing.

It started with a trip to an antique shop and a pair of windows that I got for a good price (actually the owner threw in a third one that is still in my shed awaiting a new life) and those windows sat around for a long time.
Next came salvaged wainscotting from a lumber yard that specializes in old wood that I got for a real good price also (I was picking up wood for another project and stumbled on these planks).
Next was odds and ends from my workshop and a rough sketch of what I was planning to do.  I adjusted along the way and worked with what I had on hand.
Because the wainscott had already interesting paint colour on it I was careful not to remove to much of it when sanding and I decided that partially stencilling it would add to the old world look I wanted to acheive.

Another interesting aspect of this project was the existing etched glass in the windows that I balanced out by using clear glass for the top section and the etched glass for the bottom sections.

The body, base, top, and shelves are all salvaged wood which I painted a different hues of white that I had on hand.  The goal for this project was to make it look as old as possible which I think I succeeded quite well.

Did I cheat?

Using textured wallpaper gives the piece a soft romantic touch to it.

The hinges are new and I used textured wallpaper that I painted over for the backing-sorry.
I’ll do better next time 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Two Door Cupboard

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  2. Oh, I love that etched glass! This turned out just beautiful! I’ve got a couple of old schoolhouse windows that are tall and skinny that I’d love to build a cupboard around.

  3. Came from FJ, the piece is great, etched glass is so nice.

  4. You should be very proud. I’m always amazed whenever I see useful, gorgeous pieces created from scraps. Well done, you! Take care, Cynthia

  5. So beautiful.

    I am intrigued by the tiny framed art under the side table. Is it covering an unused outlet? Does it have a message for those who are curious enough to crouch and read it?

    1. Thanks!
      That’s a electrical outlet cover. I have a pet peeve when it comes to extension cords and ugly outlets. They are boxes that I make to cover. the particular model you see has a chalkboard section-I don’t think someone would crouch to see the personalized message but placed in a kitchen, it’s probably nicer to look at that a bunch of wires 😀 You can see more in my article Hide an electrical outlet

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