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Medicine Cabinet with Drawer



Fabrication:  Handmade reproduction of an antique using recycled wood
Primary Colour:  White distressed finish
Secondary Colours: white, blue, ochre, vanilla, and green

Product Description

  • One of a kind medicine/spice cabinet with a colorful backing.
  • Old window frame used as the door and new screen has replaced the glass. Shelves and drawer made with recycled palette wood.
  • It has 3 shelves that are 3″ deep. First shelf from the bottom is 8″ from bottom, the middle is 16″ from the bottom, and the top shelf is 23″ from bottom. There is about 7-8″ between each shelf.
  • The cabinet is 38.25″ total height and 27″ wide. The bottom and top are 5.5″ deep and the body is 4.5″ deep.
  • The drawer is 2.75″ high and 3″ deep for extra storage.
  • The cabinet finish has been sealed with a mat poly for extra durability.



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