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Is was the perfect size for the space but it needed a little updating!

I love IKEA-I really do.
They have trendy home decor without breaking the bank but their stuff has its limits and too often people just end up chucking it out with the rubbish.

When I started upcycling, a long time ago, the piant products on the market were very limited.  You had two popular choices-latex and oil.  There must have been others but access was limited (no internet back then…).  Latex paints were great for walls but when it came to furniture, unless you applied a primer, latex wouldn’t last.  Then you had oil paints…for those of us who remember-toxic fumes, long drying times, once dried THEN you noticed drip marks that became UNSANDABLE!!!  The only reason someone would use oil is because it was resistant and tough-that’s it
It was a test of patience-especially for me.
I get the shivers when I think about it.

Today I can’t get over all the products on the market that give you a chance to unleach that creativity.
Here’s an example-two IKEA Kallax shelf units that I got for $20 each a while back  They once served as night tables in my previous home.  In my present home they were put in the dining room for practical purposes.
And for a while I just let them be.
Then the day I decided to redecorate my dining room I decided to give them a new look.

The first thing I wanted to accomplish is to make them look like one piece instead of two separate units so I got some barn wood for the top and I bought some thin strips of  precut wood from the Home Depot.  The strips are about 1/4″ thick and come in different widths.
Perfect for fake outs!
I covered the front and shelves, contoured the sides
The legs ( to hold the weight and prevent sagging) were old porch spindles that I cut to size.  I decided to use all parts of the spindle therefore making 2 legs the same and one different.

Because I was going for a “farmhouse” style, the original red plastic boxes had to go but I wanted to keep them because the boxes fit perfectly in this unit.   I cut pallet wood to screw onto the front of the box to hid the red plastic and invested in some new hardware.

The wicker boxes were detailed with metal tags that I make myself to look like old enamel number tags that I love but are rare and pricey.
Initially my idea was to paint it a shade of white and distress the finish.  I used chalk paint through out this project because it works so well on laminate finishes.  I made my own paint by using the colours I had on hand using this recipe homemade chalk paint
I lightly sanded the existing finish and covered the whole piece with a barn red then for the top coat I used a vanilla white then sanded places where I wanted the red to show through.

Although the piece itself turned out quite well, it just didn’t fit with the rest of the room.  I waited for it to grow on me and, well, it never happened.
Turns out I like it better darker and blends in well with my kitchen which happens to be the same colour as by bottom cabinets.


Now it’s just like new!


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  1. What talent you have! Thank you for sharing!

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