Hide an Electrical Outlet

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DIY Covers to Hide unsightly Electrical Outlets.

I have a pet peeve. See this? > And this?

That’s my pet peeve-ugly electrical outlets. I know they are necessary but I’ve always had an issue with them. You can’t always hide them with plants… Or furniture.

So put your scrap pieces of wood to good use and make those electrical outlets easy on the eyes. You can be as creative as you want and make them stand out or you can be subtle and paint them same colour as your wall.

Calculate the proper distance from the wall to the cover.  I use a 2.5 inch clearance for all my covers but the size can vary depending on what is plugged in.

Big or small.

To hold the cover in place and straight I place a screw in the wall and the back piece is notched with a jigsaw.

And I just had a thought.

I bet one painted with black chalk paint and various writings could be cool!

I’ve put more scrap wood to good use. I love reusing stuff. Makes me feel good.

Here we go….

I like pretty and neat.

One thought on “Hide an Electrical Outlet

  1. Aha! I guess so!

    I am new to your site, but now I know the great secret!

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