Happy New Year 2018

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So it’s the start of another year.  2018.  And the end of 2017.

And while probably most of you have already set new goals and resolutions, I’m still pondering about mine.  I think I’m still evaluating 2017.  That’s why this post took so much time to write…

If I had to describe 2017 in a few words, I would say that it was intense, fast, and necessary.

Intense because as I reached new milestones in 2017, I had little time to adjust before the next one came along.

While I can say that my biggest milestone was turning 50, it’s not the number that hit me the most-it’s the changes that come with that number.  Changes that crept up on me.   Changes that gradually installed themselves.  It had nothing to do with looks or wrinkles.  My changes were psychological.    I realized I couldn’t do a million things at once like I once did and I had to accept the fact that I needed to cut down on the number of projects I started all at once which ended up causing me a lot of frustrations. I remember juggling many situations at once and just loving it.  Now it simply overwhelms me and I stress out quicker.

Fast because 2017 went by so fast.

Does time seem to go by faster when we get older?

In January my Etsy shop stayed busy as it did through out the 2016 Christmas season and I stayed busy through out the year.  A nice problem to have but I know that I need to manage my time better in 2018 especially now that I need to concentrate on this new web site which was part of my goals for 2017.

It’s re evaluating my priorities I guess.

Realizing I can’t and am not willing to go a 100 miles an hour any more I will need to let go of some things and projects and , yes, certain dreams if I want to take care better care of myself.   Better yet, it might be learning how to slow down.  Maybe it’s time for me to practice my patience-something that has always been difficult for me because I have little…

Necessary because every day we learn something and to move forward to 2018 we need to consolidate 2017.  I realize that every step of the way in my life-good or bad has contributed to the person I am today.  If I look back to all the career changes I went through in my life, I now realize that from accounting to manager to customer service to sales rep all that experience is contributing to my growing business.  The way I see it it’s like taking an empty toolbox and continuously filling it up with tools.  Some are necessary and some make your life easier but, all in all, what you build with those tools is what makes the difference in life!

So, as I look forward to 2018 I know for sure that I my goals are still the same as 2017-and it’s not that I haven’t accomplished them.  Most of them I have reached but for me it’s always going one step further.

Some goals stay the same and just want to be maintained because some things just aren’t measurable- love, health, family, and passion 😉 and I’m grateful for every single one of them!!

Happy New Year everyone!






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