Laundry Room Over Haul

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It was an unorganized laundry room begging for a makeover.  User unfriendly for vertically challenged people.

The poor layout made things hard to reach unless you were 6 feet tall (I’m 5’2).  There was also a lot of wasted space due to the cramming of everything against the back wall and because this first floor laundry room was right off the kitchen, it was in your face all the time.  The disorganized mess was getting on my nerves.

That back shelf looks handy but you needed a step ladder everytime you wanted to get something and  it ended up looking like a tossed upper closet shelf.

A new layout placed the washer and dryer to the right hand side and made the room more functional for laundry needs while giving a softer feel to the sink area (we have a teenager who has taken complete control of the upstairs washroom….) It feels more spacious and organized.

A counter top made with 3/4″ plywood and cheap wall tiles are perfect for folding laundry and a clothes drying rack made with 1″ dowels can be lowered for easy access.

 The bottom basket were bought first and then the bottom shelves were built accordingly

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