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Sleeping Porch Transformation-My Home

A sleeping porch-my new project!

This year will mark 7 years in my current home and I can feel major reno's winding down. Then will be the start of a new chapter-refreshing.

Owning your own home means you are never quite done.

Which brings me to this current post and the ongoing heat wave we are experiencing. Don't get me wrong-I absolutely love summer and would prefer this to any day in winter but I have to admit that I am a heat wimp. I have no tolerance for extreme weather whether it is hot or cold.

So yes, that's what extreme heat does to me. I stop being productive. Throw in a sleepless night because of the heat and you have now created a feared cranky woman.

So back to the subject of this post-my new sleeping porch. Full equipped with antique bed, wicker blinds, soft bedding, a sky full of stars....and coolness (at least cooler than the inside of the house).

Initially our house was duplex-a long, long time ago and the first story back porch had stairs leading to the second story apartment.  Because of the layout, the first story balcony was useless because of the stairs.  We couldn't have a BBQ, a chair, nothing and besides the whole thing was in bad shape and started to attract ants.  We basically rebuilt the whole thing and at the same time removed the stairs altogether which resulted in a huge Juliette balcony on our second floor.  You can see the evolution of the back porch in

Which left us with a great big porch up there leading out from our master bedroom.

Great. A porch swing, small table-Bob's your uncle!

You'd think that we would gravitate there naturally and make use of it regularly.


The only time it was being used was when someone was pouting. A disappeared Ipad, the faint sound of the creaking swing were all indications that someone was taking a time out.

We had a sign.

But pouting wasn't an everyday occurence.

We have lengthy periods where everything is harmonious.

So through out the years, I made changes to the porch.

A swinging chair circa 1970 something that my Mom had in the den.  It came with a metal stand but that disappeared a long time ago.  As much as it looks inviting to sit and read a book, it didn't catch on and sat empty the majority of the time.

The swing stayed on until the end and then I gave it away to my sister where I think it found a better home.  The swing was an important part of the pouting sessions.

So now you get the picture?  The porch needed a new vocation.

I started by replacing the PVC trellis for safety's sake and opted for solid wood.  I then painted the interior of the walls with exterior paint in the colour Bleu Provence by Behr.  The outside walls, I applied an opaque stain -Cape Cod also by Behr.  The solid panels would also create more privacy if the project was a success.

I custom built window frames that I installed at one end of the porch (the other end is a work in progress).

This had been on my to do list for years.

I felt the porch needed more shelter in the winter months and eventually my plan is to be able to shelter it completely and have windows that can swing open with screens.

The bed frame had been in our basement for years.   Now that I had found a purpose for it, the striping off the old varnish and sanding made it all the more fun.

Sharon M for the Home-antique bed- sleeping porch

Because this was a trial and I honestly didn't know if the porch would end up being as vacant as my previous attempts, I did not invest a lot of money on decor.  I did not screen in the porch.  I bought cheap bamboo blinds for privacy and, surprisingly, we did not get attacked by mosquitoes.  The rest of the decor are items I already had on hand.  I spruced up a couple of things but basically I just made it as cosy as I could without investing any money.

Sharon M for the Home-chalk painted wicker arm chair

Wicker arm chair was given a new life with a fresh coat of chalk paint.  The original natural coloured wicker is now a weathered gray.  Hand sew cushions make this chair the ultimate spot to be when chatting with my sister on the phone and drinking a glass of wine!

Coloured bottles, fresh flowers, and vintage style fan adds a cottage feel.

Sharon M for the Home-sleeping porch-night stand

Because of the restricted space on each side of the bed, a side table was created by removing the screen to the window and placing a serving tray on the ledge.

Sharon M for the Home-sleeping porch-antique desk

My father did his homework on this fold out desk and so did I and my sisters. I striped off the old varnish and used Fusion Mineral Paint-Little Whale as an accent colour on the top and the inside bottom section.Sharon M for the Home-retrofitted light-sleeping porch

Once upon a time this light hung from the ceiling in our kitchen. It was retro fitted with a switch and extension cord and hangs over the bed.

Sharon M for the Home-sleeping porch-cozy lights

As I write this post, September 19th was the last night I slept in my sleeping porch.  If truth be told, the fact that I brought my favourite blankets and my alarm clock inside it reminded me of the feeling when you start closing up the cottage for the winter....

I plan to close up for good around our Canadian Thanksgiving.  Who knows, maybe we'll get another pout of warm nights and we'll be able to sneak in another night on our sleeping porch.  If not, it can always be used for relaxing, reading a book on a warm afternoon, or simply watching the beautiful fall colours!

So, how did you keep cool this summer?





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