Doors, Doors, and more Doors

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It often happens, in my line of work, that I either find stuff, stuff is offered to me, or I buy stuff cheap that I feel could be useful and inspirational.

That’s why I ended up with a few doors despite the fact that I try to manage the flow of stuff in my garage.  Not to mention that my partner is a mechanic and that we must both share our garage and respect each other’s space.

Which is not always easy and smooth sailing (we’ve decided that a garden shed is next on the list of projects to liberate some space in the garage….guess what? I already have the doors ?)

So I’ve ended up with inside doors, outside doors that had to have some of its parts amputated because of rot, and windows that I have used as doors!

Get the picture?

A while ago I made a headboard for a client where I cut 2 doors in half, making a king size headboard. Check out (re purposed-old-doors –post link)

That left me with two halves.  I knew inspiration would come eventually…

Shortly after one half was used in my kitchen renovation-a shelf unit to store my recipe books

The other half to make a bookcase-last week’s project.  This one was slow going.  I just couldn’t get the look I was after and the colours straight.

My laundry room cabinet was inspired from an old window which is now the door to the cabinet.

My out side cupboard is made with old doors.

Before we renovated our garage, the doors were mounted on old sliding rails..well those rails have made their way into the house and are used in our bathroom because of the awkward setup that made standard opening doors inconvenient.  Repainted and customized to fit, it saved me from buying the new hardware available in stores which doesn’t always come cheap.  I ended up mounting 3 doors like this throughout the house-at the cost of…a can of spray paint?

An old shed door salvaged from my family’s blueberry buying and selling business proudly hangs in my garden to support my thriving Wisteria.

All I need is 1 element to get inspired and the rest just comes together.

My biggest motivation when building a piece, is to use as much as possible recycled
materials, like this left over pallet wood that was used to make simple storage boxes.

It also keeps my costs low. But the biggest satisfaction is knowing that I have prevented materials from ending upin landfills.

That’s what brings a smile to my face.
Renew, reuse, restore, and recycle.

So when people ask me, “would you have any use for this… ” I usually say “yes”but I have learned to say “no” sometimes-not often but it does happen. I don’t want to end up with more stuff than I can handle which is why I limit and turn out project regularly to prevent being overwhelmed by lack of space.

It’s a good philosphy for myself as well as for my online store and for clients who require custom built pieces.

The beauty in all this is that everything gets used.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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