Doors and Bookcases

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One would think that I am obsessed with doors but the truth is that the doors end up finding me!
Somehow, someway I ended up with a few doors and I don’t need any more doors in my house. Since chucking them wasn’t an option, repurposing them was the next and most viable one.

When I am down and things are bugging me, I need to retreat and challenge myself.  With these two “door” projects I challenged myself to using ONLY wood that I had on hand in my workshop-no trips to the lumber yard allowed.
That usually gets my creative juices flowing and it also permits me to hide out for a while.  Let’s say it’s a form of meditation for me because one would be hard pressed to actually think that I could sit still for a long period of time!!
So off I go and retreat in my workshop, rough sketch in hand, some coffee, and, of course, music 🙂

Depending on the project, the doors are cut in half either length wise or in half for shorter projects.  In this case, the doors had already been cut in half because one door was a exterior door that came with the house and it had a window so only the bottom part could be salvaged.  The second door had already been used in a headboard project so, again, only the bottom half was left.

I decided to make bookcases!

This first one, I used the thinner door, cut it in half and used them for the sides and went from there.  I did not modify the paint on the sides.  The finish is the original finish-chipped, crackled, and distressed all included.  On the shelves, I applied a textured stencil using a scroll style stencil and some plaster to add some interest.  The top is rough pine that I painted a pale yellow and the middle board an old floor board that I left natural.

Most of my items in my store are made from recycled pallet wood-so I end up with alot of leftovers.  I decided to accessorize this bookcase with two stenciled wood boxes with recycled brass handles.


My second bookcase I wanted to add to the challenge so I decided to incorporate a drawer.  The thicker door was used for the sides.

The surprise with this salvaged door was the metal sheets that were over the wood on the recessed panel. Unfortunately time had not been kind to the wood underneath the metal.  It was totally rotted so I took the whole thing apart and replaced the wood and left it natural.  The remainder was scraped and sanded to reveal layers of great colour which inspired me for the rest of the bookcase!

Different coloured wood was used to replace the middle of the panels.

Recycled pallet wood which happens to be maple was painted different colours-notice I added ochre which also happens to be on the sides.

 The handles were removed from old chapel windows.  I wish I had more than two-love these!

I made special cut outs-again from pallet wood to use as the shelf brackets which avoided the need to use metal. Because I didn’t want to hide the raised panel, the shelves are cut to allow space for the moulding otherwise I would have had to cut into the moulding which, for me, is unthinkable..

As with everything I design and build, I wish I could keep them all but that’s being slightly unrealistic.
Fortunately, these two bookcases found new homes.  One of buyers was kind enough to send me a picture which always make me smile!

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