DIY Garden Trellis

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Simple and easy ways to add beauty to your gardens!

Store bought flimsy plant supports not cutting it for you?

Build your own!

Nope, it’s not difficult-as a matter of fact, it’s quite easy.  If you can handle a hammer and  drill,  you’re good to go!

This is what you need:

– Choice of desired thickness and length of wood (I chose 1 x 2 pine…studier if you want to support heavier like Hops or Virginia Creeper)
– Hammer and nails, nail gun, or stapler gun
– Measuring tape.
– Wooden balls and small wooden spindles (found at most craft stores)
– Glue
– Optional: paint or stain

Find yourself a flat area to work from.  I usually work on my garage floor when I can make room but anywhere is fine as long as you can place and measure your pieces.

Calculate the size you want your trellis.

Place your bottom pieces-the ones that you will nail your cross pieces on your working surface.  To add style I don’t have full length bottom middle pieces as you can see from my picture.Then cut top pieces the width of your trellis that you will secure with nails.

Place each top piece equal distance, making sure each one is straight (you don’t want a crocked looking trellis).  The choice is yours, you

can either have bigger spaces or smaller ones if your vines require it.

Next.  The finishing details.I made my own wood details using wood balls and spindles found at most craft stores.Using a drill, make a hole in the ball and insert a spindle and glue into place.

Voilà!  A beautiful addition to any flower bed.  In reality you can choose a variety of materials to support your plants and vines.

Here are a few examples:


Happy building!

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