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The Dreaded Dining Room-that’s what I used to call it!

It’s been almost 6 years that I’ve lived in this home and I have to say that there have been many changes.

When I bought the house in 2011 it was basically “move in ready”-or so I thought.  The walls were all painted in neutral colours, the hardwood floors on the first floor where new, etc. and for about a year, besides moving things around, I didn’t change much.  At that time I lived alone and didn’t see the importance of getting into some heavy duty decorating.
When Marcel moved in with me and Alex, my youngest daughter, joined me from Rouyn-Noranda I started to feel the need to organize more and to create a “home” for all three of us.

As with alot of old houses, there is no formal entry in mine-you come in through door and, that’s it ,you’re in the dining room.  There is no closet to put coats and shoes so that meant I had to find clever ways to organize the space.  I had initially placed a long bench but it always looked messy and unkempt.
I would have to say that the dining room went through a few of changes through out the years and because those initial “neutral” (taupe) walls were depressing me, I painted all the walls on the first floor an Abstract White and Pale Lichen both from Behr.
I still didn’t like the results.
The dining room became a bone of contention-I simply could not get it right…

The dining before the big makeover

  • I began with the window seat and the built in cabinet beside it.  I built a hutch.  Before it was wasted space.  I wanted to be able to display some of my things and create interest in the room.
  • Because it is also a kind of pass through from the stairs and front door the challenge was trying to center the table but also leaving enough room for traffic.
  • The lack of light bothered me and, despite the light painted walls and  pale furniture,  it did nothing to make it cozy.
  • The truth is, we hardly ever used it except for me packing up my orders and painting small projects on the table 🙁

The hardware used on the hutch is an old brass cremone bolt that came from old chapel windows.  I cut it to size and it serves to keep my doors shut!


Unfortunately, to keep the cushion clean, I have to keep a blanket on it because Charlotte, my brown Lab mix, has taken a liking to it because she can see everything going on outside.  The sunny window sill allows me to grow cat grass that keeps the cat happy!

Hooks made with old barn wood and railway spikes allow us to hang coats and stuff making the entrance look nice and neat!

The next step was to paint one wall black.  At first I thought it was make the room too dark and that is an issue I have with this room-there isn’t enough light even though the window is facing south.  So instead of fighting it, I decided to accept it and go for a cozier feeling.
I really loved the results.

I spruced up my side board which stores all my packing supplies, tableclothes, napkins, etc. and painted it the same colour as my bottom kitchen cabinets-Cumin from Behr

I was lucky enough to have been given 4 very comfortable chairs so to stay on budget I painted the pleather with a light blue chalk paint and because two of the chairs had damaged backs, I sent them to get redone with fabric I already had on hand.

I built a bench that slides easily under the table and the chairs are at each end and on the opposite side to give us more room when passing through.  Two simple cushions with the same fabric as the chair backs decorate the bench.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my dining room.  There are things that I would eventually like to do like refinishing my table but for now it’s good.  Has been serving me since 1998 and also serves as my packing station for my orders so refinishing it would mean being careful and right now with the business still growing that’s not really do-able-I’ll put up with the scratches and the dents.
Besides it’s also a great party table 😉

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