June 2018

Healthy Eating-Sprout Growing

Sprout growing- If you like to eat healthy, here’s an easy way you can incorporate sprouts into your diet.  Sprouts are great in sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even topping on soups. I used to buy them until I realized that grocery stores weren’t offering them anymore because of risk of contamination.  But sprouts are great […]

May 2017

Chalk Paint on Wood

Although there are alot of products on the market today, chalk paint is still my favourite. Why? There are two main reasons why I like it:  chalk paint is perfect for creating “antique time worn” pieces because it is a forgiving paint and, by making it yourself, can be extremely cheap. Don’t get me wrong, […]

April 2017

How to Create an Aged Mirror

Paint glass to create vintage style mirrors from old picture frames Of course I love the look of old mercury glass but they are now hard to find and authentic ones can get quite expensive!  Unless you’ve kept all of your grandma’s scratched and chipped and predicted that they would come into style, most of […]