May 2018

DIY Bug Hotel-A Fun Family Project

Why would you want to attract bugs to your garden?  What are the benefits of creating a bug hotel? I have to admit that I have a passion for nature-meaning anything I can do to help it, take care of it, and make cool stuff for it and from it. That’s why I got interested […]

March 2018

Creating a Farmhouse Window Trim

I love big massive window trims. I love the feel they give to your room. And I love the fact that they are easy and inexpensive to make and can be done on pretty much any window type. All you need are: pine boards latex caulking hammer and nails a hand saw or a power […]

February 2018

A Form of Meditation-Cleaning the Office and building a New Desk

A meditation session is due. I know I need to meditate-my way. Soon. As of today, I still haven’t written down my goals for this year although, in a nutshell I kind of know where I want to go-I just need to be more specific and writing them down makes them real. But, in the […]

September 2017

A Wreath for all Seasons-Saving Time and Money

      I call it my wreath for all seasons. Last year I realized that, each season, I gave myself way too much stuff to do regarding outside and porch seasonal decor.  I’ve always celebrated the seasons despite the way I feel about each one of the (they are  not all equal in my […]

September 2017

Back yard-Converting Unused Space into a Relaxing Area

  My back yard. This summer marked 6 years of living in my home and in my last post I described what we had done since then. Now that this area has been transformed I now feel that the back yard is complete. Every area has its purpose (well, almost all). It all started at […]

April 2017

How to Create an Aged Mirror

Paint glass to create vintage style mirrors from old picture frames Of course I love the look of old mercury glass but they are now hard to find and authentic ones can get quite expensive!  Unless you’ve kept all of your grandma’s scratched and chipped and predicted that they would come into style, most of […]

April 2017

Few Cans Short in a Landfill- A Recycling Project

A fun and easy way to recycle your cans and show off your herbs! Here’s a fun and easy project and also a way to reuse all those cans we keep throwing into the recycling bin. Here’s what you need: -2 cans of spray paint -a variety of labels you can print on the internet […]

March 2017

DIY Garden Trellis

Simple and easy ways to add beauty to your gardens! Store bought flimsy plant supports not cutting it for you? Build your own! Nope, it’s not difficult-as a matter of fact, it’s quite easy.  If you can handle a hammer and  drill,  you’re good to go! This is what you need: – Choice of desired […]

February 2017

Hide an Electrical Outlet

DIY Covers to Hide unsightly Electrical Outlets. I have a pet peeve. See this? > And this? That’s my pet peeve-ugly electrical outlets. I know they are necessary but I’ve always had an issue with them. You can’t always hide them with plants… Or furniture. So put your scrap pieces of wood to good use and […]