Few Cans Short in a Landfill- A Recycling Project

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A fun and easy way to recycle your cans and show off your herbs!

Here’s a fun and easy project and also a way to reuse all those cans we keep throwing into the recycling bin.

Here’s what you need:

-2 cans of spray paint

-a variety of labels you can print on the internet

-Modge Podge to seal and protect.
I used 2 different brands because that’s what was available at the time:

Tremclad Hammered in a cinnamon colour and
-Rust-oleum MultiColour Textured in a brown.

It can be anything that resembles rust actually.

I would consider that the texture of the paint important.  You don’t want a shiny, clean finish-rust is not clean and shiny!

I started the first coat with the Tremclad cinnamon colour, covering the whole can and let dry.

Next I used the Rust-oleum but I didn’t cover the first coat completely. It gives the finish a more textured look to it and actually look quite authentic!

Now comes the fun part-choosing the labels to decorate your cans.

I found these printable labels on https://www.eatdrinkchic.com/post.cfm/diy-vintage-herb-spice-bottles-free-labels.
They were actually made for spice bottles but I used them on my cans to give them an old world feel to them.

You can also use ready made labels found in the scrapbook section in craft stores or you can browse the web for free printables.  The choice is yours for the style that you want.

Although you can simply stick the labels to the can, I found that it doesn’t really stay plus if you want to display your artwork outside, you risk ruining your labels.  I sealed the whole thing with a coat of Modge Podge.

No worries now!

Now you can have original pots for your herbs and feel good about recycling, reusing, and renewing!

Have fun!

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