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Salvaged Storage-Cast off Shop Storage Unit Sits Proudly in Home Office

Salvaged piece becomes handy storage.

I notice everything-especially when an antique shop is having a "Closing Sale".

After I inspect what is left for sale, I move to the basement to see if there are any good deals on old windows or doors.  Nope nothing.

Then I sneak into the work shop and BAM, there it is- a beautiful piece of junk full of potential.  I try to keep my excitement contained while I try to find the owner...

I did my best to look non nonchalant as I explained that it would be the perfect thing to store my stained glass supplies in and as I settle for a price for the piece AND the delivery to my basement/studio, I start to imagine what I would do with it.

Then it actually sat in  my basement for a long while and ended up being used for my stained glass supplies for a couple of years.

The idea of sprucing it up came about when my then home office turned out being used more as a guest room than an office. I was always being banished to my living room and I seriously needed to do something. I brought my desk and, luckily, my living room is so long that dividing in two spaces was no problem. What about storage? There was no way I was sticking a file cabinet in my living room -no way!

Then came the "Ah Ha" moment.
Then came the habitual eye roll from my hubby...
Then came the task of hauling it upstairs...
And then, oh the vision!
35 drawers.

All sanded to reveal a couple of layers of paint. I didn't want to go further. A few rough boards to give the top some style and a moulding to hide the chips at the bottom gave the cabinet a more finished look.

But then I wanted to really add my special touches. It's what excites me the most-the final finish. New hardware-the biggest investment.

Handmade "enamel" tags give the whole piece a library file cabinet look and help keep my storage organized.

And, of course, a hand painted French typography sign on the side completes my vision :)

Vintage style storage with a place of honor in my office!


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