Adding a New Window-We now see the light

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Adding a new window in a room.  Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and see the light.

We’ve been doing some work on the house lately and last year we knew we had a couple of windows we had to change-my big living room window (circa 1980) and the basement window (circa 1928).  It was when I had the contractor come in for pricing that I knew I had to throw in the towel.

I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.

My dining room has been a challenge for me the minute I moved into my house 7 years ago.


Because there is only one narrow window on the south side which should have let in a fair amount of sunshine through out the day but because of our big trees in the front yard, the sunlight is reduced to dappled sunlight. In winter it’s just simply depressing.

Since then I have tried to convince myself that I can live with it. I’ve painted the walls different colours-light, dark. I’ve put up shelving, family pictures, nothing in a desperate attempt to make the room inviting and cozy.

But, truth be told, I’m the person who gets depressed when the days get shorter.  I hate winter because it’s dark all the time.  I need light.

Sharon M for the Home-dining room before new window

Getting prepared for the big day-the new window!

I was satisfied with my latest attempt when I incorporated a built in cupboard, a bench for better flow, and my black wall.  You can read up on my initial challenge here

Sharon M for the Home-adding new windowSharon M for the Home-new window

Before…and after…and of course I had to decorate it before adding the moulding-that’s me.


But we were still just passing through.

Didn’t feel like staying long.

Still had to open the lights if you were sitting at the table (which was rare).

Then, when we had to change our big living room window I caved in and admitted defeat. The room simply needed more light and nothing less than that was going to make the space more inviting.

So we did it.

Sharon M for the Home-adding an extra window

I decided to create a farm style moulding to the window which also makes it pop out more.  See how’s it done here M for the Home-dining room window

I love the way light hits coloured glass bottles and gives a sparkle to the room.

We now see the light.

And I can keep them open even when it is raining.

And they are high enough so that we see mainly trees and sky!

Sharon M for the Home-Dining room window

We’re still passing through but not as fast.

Sharon M for the Home-new dining room window

I’m loving it 🙂



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