A passion for creating, renewing, reusing, recycling, and restoring for the home!

It’s hard to tell when I developed a passion for old stuff and fixing it up. I know that I used to build doll houses at the age of 9 when my mother bought this brand new tool called a jigsaw so building for me is second nature. From then on no scrap piece of plywood was safe from me. I built birdhouses and proceeded to redecorate the shed for my girlfriends and I to hang out in. When that became boring (and dusty) I started redecorating my room. I was lucky because my mom usually let me do whatever I wanted and helped out when I couldn’t do it myself.

My love for beautiful cozy homes never diminshed but as a college student and young adult my budget was somewhat tight. That didn’t discourage me because I loved wandering in antique and second hand furniture stores. I bought my first piece- a pine trunk that I still have today. I would spend hours after supper with a cup of tea in my parents’ carport striping and sanding furniture that I would use in my first “real” home. Building furniture came later on when, after buying a cottage, the budget was still an issue. I would lie down under coffee tables to see how they were made, bought books, asked for tools for Christmas and birthdays and built things myself. I do not have a formal training in design or woodworking-just a basic tool safety course from the local high school. My designs are simple and I like to concentrate on the details and the finishes. I work with new and recycled wood, being environmentally concious and I hate seeing things end up in the landfills.

Stained glass started later- in 2001 when I needed to challenge myself further. Besides, I had visions of incorporating stained glass pieces in my wood furniture. I made custom work for a cabinet company when I lived in the town where I was born- a mining town in northern Quebec.

In 2011, I moved to the Eastern Townships to start a new life and was amazed . I had easy accessibility to all this old stuff.Since then, I take pleasure in working with new and old and to share my passion, have started up Sharon M for the Home, Sharon M pour la Maison for my French speaking customers.

All products in my shop are one of a kind. I feature restored, upcycled, and new products. Whatever I find, I fix and I sell. I build pieces inspired by other reclaimed pieces. I use tradional stained glass methods to create unique pieces using new and recycled glass. Each creation is one of a kind. I do not make two the same. It’s hard to say what’s going to show up in my shop. I work with a variety of items so I can never predict what I’m going to find. If I see the potential in something and I like it I use it. It’s as simple as that.

So welcome to my shop! Make sure to come by often as new items are listed regularly.